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130 useful tools for everyone
« on: August 05, 2016, 09:26:02 PM »
130 Tools in 160 Minutes
TinyURL – Make long URL’s Shorter
Bug Me Not – Don’t sign up.
PDf me Not – View PDFs without Adobe
CiteBite – Cite to parts of a page
Awesome Highlighter – Highlight and send web pages
PDF Escape – Annotate PDFs
Addictomatic – One stop shop for buzz
PDF Creator – Printer driver to print to PDF
I Love PDF
Print Friendly – Make any page print friendly.
Poll Everywhere
Tracked – Company information.
Fill Any PDF – Edit PDFs
Tumblr – Microblogging
Cool Previews – Browser inside a browser
Deepest Sender – WordPress Posting Tool
You Send It – Send Big Files – Update all of your apps at once.
Fasterfox – Make Firefox faster
Page 2 RSS – Create RSS Feeds for pages that don’t have them
Update Scanner – Notification of new content
Watch That Page – E-mail updates of new content
You Tube RSS Trick – Create RSS Feeds for You Tube content
Justia Dockets – RSS feeds for new litigation
Web Site Watcher – Desktop app for tracking pages
Convotrack – Keep Track of the entire conversation
Open Congress – Keep track of Congress via RSS
Votes Database – RSS enabled.
GovTrack/ – Use RSS to Track the Government
Kwout – Create a widget for a part of a page
Download Them All – Multiple downloads
Picnik – Edit images.
Bib Me – Bibliography Maker
Auto Reload
Google Reader Compact
Browser Preview
RSS Easy Subscription
Libworm – LIS specific search engine
Pandora – Free Social Music Site
Auction Bloopers – Misspellings on E-bay
RSS Auction/ – RSS feeds for E-bay searches
Amazon RSS – RSS Feeds for Amazon Wishlists
E-Lis – E-Lis – Open source LIS Papers
Tic Tocs – RSS Feeds for TOCs
Ad Block Plus – Block Ads in FireFox
Better Gcal – Add Features to your Google Calendar
ScreenGrab – Save parts of a page as an image.
Compfight – An easier way to search for images.
Google Groups/ – Underestimated as a research tool.
Internet Archive — Look at old versions of web sites.
Library Thing – Tag Books and more.
Mashable – Great tech blog to keep up with new tools.
Zoho – suite of online tools
Read Write Web – Another great blog to keep up with new tools.
BackupURL – Creates cached pages for URLs
World Cat – Duh.
Ehub – More new tools
Delicious tag for tools – A great way to keep up with new tools.
Media Convert – Convert any file to any file.
Refresh Every – Automatically refresh any page.
Password Meter – Do you have a safe password
Catchvdeo – Download Web Videos
Zamzar – More file conversions.
Typetester – Compare Typesets
Flickr apps – THE place for Flickr applications.
html 2 PDF – Convert a web page to PDF
Open Office – Forget MS Office
Techcrunch – Very popular tech blog.
Survey Monkey – Free online surveys
FotoFlexer – Another great image editing tool.
Instant Domain Search – Instant domain search.
Mail Big File – Send a big file
Dark Copy – Full screen editor to get rid of distractions.
SlideShare – Upload your PowerPoint Presentations to the web.
Docstoc – YouTube for Documents
280 Slides – Online PowerPoint.
LaLa – Social music site
Instapaper – Save stuff for later.
Pageflakes – Starting page
Twitterfeed – RSS to Twitter
Wayfaring – Personalized Maps
Bookmooch – Give books away.
Scribd – The YouTube for documents.
Down For Everyone – Or is it just me?
Resizr – Resize Photos
Linkbun – Put multiple links in one small link
TwitPic – Send a picture to Twitter – Remind Yourself  –
10 minute e-mail – Get a throwaway e-mail address
Tweetstats – Stats for your Twitter account.
PDF Download – Do what you want with PDF downloads
LinkedIn – Great place to network
TwitterBar – Post to Twitter directly from your Firefox Address Bar
URLBarExt – Short Shortcuts
Reading Blinds – Makes online reading easier
Print What You Like – Print only parts of a web page that you want.
WWWhatsnew – Great blog in Spanish
I want to – Made by a librarian!
Museum of Modern Betas – New sites, new tools
Killer Startups – Analyzes new tools
SlickPlan – Free Flowcharts

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130 useful tools for everyone
« on: August 05, 2016, 09:26:02 PM »