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Title: Five new features coming to WhatsApp
Post by: mechanic on August 03, 2017, 09:56:38 AM

WhatsApp is well known messaging app used by millions of users worldwide. it is very famous and useful as it is introducing new features in every update.

Here are some new features who is expected to come in next update:

1. Youtube Direct Play Video
youtube integration is added to play youtube videos directly on your Whatsapp.

2. Money Transaction
This is a revolutionary feature to transfer money easily, this feature is already available in Wechat, Wechat is app introduced by China and it is most widely used by billions of users in china.

3. Recall Message
Now you can recall or delete sent message to any user. this is like you have sent message mistakenly.

4. Live Location Sharing
Share your location to your friend for easy tracking

5. Edit "sent" message
this is same as recall function, you can edit sent message.

These all features are already available in WeChat by china, this is most useful messaging app. if you have wechat and money in your bank, you can visit all cities of china without having any cash in your pocket, WeChat payment is accepted every where like airports, train stations, shopping malls, taxi's, and everywhere.
Title: Re: Five new features coming to WhatsApp
Post by: Junemadame on February 02, 2018, 12:47:43 PM
I have read the content. It is a very good knowledge.