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Reliance is a well known telecom company on India. Recently company has announced its new RelianceJio's fiber to home service. Reliance Jio fiber is currently in testing beta in the following five cities- Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Jamnagar and Pune. A jio statement said last month " It would expand the scope of the beta trials over the next few months".

According to India Today, JioFiber offers 90 days free tiral to its customers for the testing of new service. Customers will get 100GB of free data at 100Mbps speed and free access to all other Jio premium services. After the 100GB data cap, users will get the speed of 1Mbps. According to the reports from Indiatimes, the installation fee for JioFiber will be Rs. 4,500.
Some other offers from the Jio home broadband FTTH services will start from Rs 500 for 600GB data and Rs 2,000 for 1000GB data at 10Mbps speed.
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