Earn Money by Typing on Engrz Forum

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Earn Money by Typing on Engrz Forum
« on: February 22, 2017, 04:03:03 PM »


Want to earn some money? I don't know it worth for you or not, but if you can type some pages for me, I will pay you Rs. 5/- per page.I know it is very low, but you know in market composer takes 5-6 Rupees per page he types for us, so I offer my members if they can write, I will provide some articles from books and he has to compose them on the forum. Not just to compose it on word and paste it on forum. We will note the time of each user he write an article.Every member has to write at-least 100 pages, that means about 100 topics he has to create on forum with his own username and he will get Rs. 500/- . He may write all these articles in one day or either in a week. If he is failed to write in a week, he will now earn this money.We will provide the pages, you just have to compose it on the forum. Remember, do not copy and paste directly, compose it on the forum, if we found something we may deduct your money.

 Example of the Page you have to compose
In above figure, the page is one but questions are 9, so there must be 9 topics to create, each topic contains each question.These questions may be 9-10-12 or sometimes 4-5 per page, we will count for page not for topics.
Live sample of a post or question can be seen here.


Create account on forum but register your id and send a PM to me by using forum messages system, I will give you some pages to start writing. After 100 pages, money will be transferred to your account.


  • 1.       Must type on the forum directly, don’t copy and paste
  • 2.       Payment available through Easypesa, easyload, paypal.
  • 3.       Each task must be completed in one week.
  • 4.       Minimum payout on 100 pages.
  • 5.       We reserve the rights to deduct, cancel or old the payment without notification.

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