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Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) started sending emails to its applicants about fees and online registration. this started from this year. all universities are moving into online and n processing fees. here is email received from NPU.

Online Registration and Payment Notice for International Applicants of
Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU)

From this year, all new international applicants applying for NPU will be required to register online and pay the registration fee. Related matters are as follows:

Please use the Chrome browser (version 21.0~24.9) to complete the online registration and payment. Do not use Outlook to register.
Attached please find the instruction of NPU online registration.

2.Payment amount
The registration fee is 600 RMB.

3.Payment Method
It can be paid online via Union Pay, VISA, Master, etc.

For CSC applicants, the deadline for payment need to be completed before March 31, 2018.

1. All applicants (including CSC Scholarship programs) in 2018 must register online and complete online payment on the NPU Registration Website.
2. To those who have finished the CSC online application and sent hard copies to NPU already, please complete the online registration and payment as well. Hard copy of NPU application form is not required.
3. Students who do not pay the registration fee in the specified time will be deemed to have forfeited their registration.
4. The registration fee is not refundable once it is collected.
If you have finished the NPU online registration and payment, please disregard this email.
Hereby notify the above.

Office of International College
Northwestern Polytechnical University
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