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5 Habits That are Killing Your Motivation [Video]

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5 Habits That are Killing Your Motivation [Video]
« on: June 23, 2020, 05:45:52 PM »
5 Habits That are Killing Your Motivation

1. Comparing Yourself: When You are constantly comparing yourself with others success, you'll never appreciate qualities within yourself.

2. Not Having a Goal: If you don't have a plan, it may be difficult for you to stay motivated.

3. You feel stuck: When you feel like you dont have a new ideas or simply going through the motions on your life, it can be hard to get excited and motivated again.

4. Distractions: Spending time watching the television, logging into social media, or simply getting lost on the internet can waste your time and can kill your motivation as well.

5. Neglecting Health: It can be one of the easiest way to kill your motivation. When you don't get enough sleep it can be extremely tough for you to even set goals for yourself.

For more details, Watch This video