Chinese Consulate Karachi will start visa processing from May 20

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According to Official website of Chinese Consulate Karachi, they are going to start Visa Processing from May 20, 2019. The trial is started on 14th of May and will continue till 17th of May.

Here is Official Announcement:

In order to improve the service level of consular, give convenience to submit an application, the Chinese Consulate in Karachi will entrust a new Chinese Visa Application Service Centre in Karachi to offer visa and legalization facilitation services to foreign citizens intending to travel to China. The relevant details are hereby notified as follows:
1. The Visa Centre will be on trial operation between 14th May and 17th May, 2019. After 20th May 2019, the Visa Centre will formally be on operation .

2. The Visa Center is open from Monday to Friday (holidays will be additional notice)

3. The Visa Center accepts the applications of ordinary visas, China Macao visas and consular legalization . It also collects visa fee (include express visa fee) , biological information from visa applicants,and offer delivery service. If you are applying for a visa with a diplomatic or official passport, please contact Chinese Consulate directly for advice.

4. Visa applications must fill in “online form” and “make appointment” on the Visa Center website. Application for legalization is only required to “make appointment” on the Visa Center website

5. The address of the new Chinese Visa Application Service Centre is as follows: 9 F Bahria Complex IV, Main Chaudhary Khaliq Uz-Zaman Road, Gizri,Clifton,

Email: [email protected]

Contact number: 051 843 9385

6. In addition to consular fees payable to the Consulate, the Visa Centre will also charge a service fee. For the service fee collection, standard and related service details, please consult the Visa Centre.

7. The Application Centre is not involved in the visa assessment and decision-making process. The Consulate has the authority to decide whether a visa will be issued or not, the type of a visa to be issued as well as its validity, duration of stay and number of entries in accordance with China's relevant laws and regulations. If necessary, the consular officer may require the applicant to provide other proof documents or supplementary materials, or require an interview with the applicant.

8. Except for the Visa Centre mentioned above, the Consulate has not entrusted any other institutions or individuals to act as intermediaries for visa applications. Applicants are advised to handle their relevant information with caution. If you have any questions, please contact the Consulate.

9. This notice is subject to the interpretation of the Chinese Consulate in Karachi.
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