What are Beta Titanium Alloys?

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What are Beta Titanium Alloys?
« on: May 16, 2016, 02:37:10 PM »
Beta or near beta alloys are:

•         Fully heat treatable

•         Generally weldable

•         Capable of high strengths

•         Possess good creep resistance up to intermediate temperatures

•         Excellent form-ability can be expected in the beta alloys in the solution treated condition

Beta-type alloys have good combinations of properties in sheet, as fasteners and are ideal for sporing applications. Some alloys offer uniform property levels through heavy sections.

The higher alloy content of beta alloys increases the density of beta alloys typically by 7-10% compared to Ti6Al4V.

Typical beta alloys include:

Ti3Al8V6Cr4Mo4Zr ASTM Grade 19

Ti10V2Fe3Al AMS 4983, 4984, 4987

Ti15Mo3Nb3Al2Si ASTM Grade 21

Ti15V3Cr3Sn3Al AMS 4914

Correctly, it is only the meta-stable beta alloys which are heat treatable by solution treatment and ageing. Fully stable beta alloys can only be annealed