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Thanks Dear Mechanic for your kind Help.

Dear Mechanic the Apllication status was still Final Result Unreleased and the last email from the university was about fee submission.

Dear Mechanic Kindly try to get official link of BJTU....

Dear Mechanic still the login protocol of BJTU shows that final result Unreleased could you please try to get the link of selected candidates? If possible plz cal to university

Dear Mechanic,
  Sorry for troubling you but i am confused that you displayed the names of Pakistani Students of BJTU but still the login protocol of BJTU shows that Final Result Unreleased ?

Dear Mechanic kindly can I get the Csc list of successful candidates of Beijing Jaitong University Please

Dear Mechanic, Is this Engineers list or all departments list ? Because I applied in Economics Doctoral Program? Kindly reply me

The login Protocol of BJTU still Shows that final result unreleased ? Why

Dear Mechanic Kindly share the link of BJTU final CSC List . Thanks

Dear Mechanic, Any news regarding BJTU final CSC List

Koi Allah ka banda bta skta ha ka BJTU qab apni final list display kary ga ,,,.....

Only Hope Left is BJTU so Kindly tell us when will BJTU declares its final list ??

Kindly tell me when will BJTU declare its CSC List ??? Any Odea

Kindly tell me when will BJTU declare its final result and plz also tell me that BJTU and BJUT are same universities or different ??????

Helo Brother Kindly tell me when will BJTU and Wuhan University display their Final CSC list ?????

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