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That's Great Mechanic

easy to remember

Scholarships / Re: Free CSC Scholarship Support 2018-19
« on: September 18, 2018, 06:22:50 AM »
Hello family,

please if you sending a research proposal  to a prof. Should your study area be based in china or your home country.
you are sending research proposal for acceptance letter, you need to tell your background, the previous work you have done.

but you need to send this to the professor related to your previous field otherwise you have to change your field and its very difficult.

Scholarships / Re: Free CSC Scholarship Support 2018-19
« on: July 23, 2018, 11:42:50 AM »

Please also suggest way to withdraw from other universities. There are some universities, where I have submitted only through CSC website and not through their home university website, however they have shown as in progress and does not have option to withdraw in CSC website. Is there other way to withdraw like Calling university or by calling CSC.

Please suggest
simply email to the university admission office and tell them that you are shortlisted in other university and you want to withdraw from this university.

hello guys

kis kis ne apply kiya he is sal?

is sal se NUAA ki 400 RMB fees he or online apply karna hai. jiski admission hojaegi unko documents send karne parenge

Scholarships / Re: Free CSC Scholarship Support 2018-19
« on: February 05, 2018, 12:13:13 PM »
@Mechanic @Ray @Fahad Please a friend of mine has submitted his documents to the desired university. He just realised that the CSC form he filled he made a mistake in the duration of the program. Instead of of 01/09/2018 to 31/07/2020 he wrote 01/09/2018 to 01/09/2020. Please what should he do?

Can he retrieve form CSC page and change it now that he has sent the hard copy to the university. I need help

Sorry for the late, no problem about this.

Go-to csc website, open your account and withdraw your application then edit your date and submit again. No need to send hard copy again. it will be fine.
@Mechanic will the month really matter since the year is the most important thing. Don't all Universities close academic in the same months or it varies. Because on my acceptance letter the professor indicated June so l also chose the same month instead of July. would it have any implication?

your concerned school will write the exact date according to your course duration.

Scholarships / Re: Free CSC Scholarship Support 2018-19
« on: February 02, 2018, 09:51:02 PM »
Assalam o alakum everyone
Hope you all will be in good health
I have a question
What is the difference between study plan and statement of purpose?
I also got four acceptance letters from three universities. How much are the chances to get scholarship after getting an acceptance letter. Thanks

Walekum sallam

Study plan and statement of purpose are the same thing, but research proposal is different.

Proper documentation is important, it's good to have a acceptance letter, you have 80% chances of admission.

Feel free to contact us for any help

jo reject huy un ka khy or ho gia ho ga...jin ke 1 say zayda nomination thi wo kisi 1 jaga he select hona thy..2nd XJTU MS waloo ko zayda suport nhi krti yanii uni scholarship dytii bt Phd ko bht support krti.. 2nd ies br itna competition tha seats b reduce huy... bt mostly asa hua jis ko uni ny nominate kia us ka admission lazmi hua... agy us ke marzi us ny accept kia ya nhi...

XJTU confirmation email sub ko bejhti he per select limited applicants ko karti he. Is baar bhe emails sub ko gae per select kuch log hi hue hain.

ihope  u  are  fine. i am  ahsan qureshi from pakistan .i have  completed my  MSC in electronics  with  securing  76% marks.  Now  i  want  to  get  scholarship for  MS program  in  electornics or  Embeded  system.  kindly  send  me  list  for  universities  offering  scholarship in  this  field.  My  major  subjects  are  networking  and  communication,  control  system, industrial electronics , power  electronics , solid state , signal processing , EMT. kindly help out.

You have done MSC, why you wna do MS again?

Dear mechanics and Engrz team

i appreciate your hard work for us.
i want to apply for master in software or hardware Engineering or Network Engineering next year.
will you please recommend me some good universities for these courses and also from where i get recommendation letters easily.


You need two recommendation letters from professors or associated professors of your previous university (bachelors).

I think you can get software engineering easily, let mechanic suggest you some universities.

Hi Mechanic
Have you any information about final results csc scholarship for HUST?
I applied the school of Management and i have name in nomination lít (final group).
But i didn't saw the list final of csc scholarship for hust.
I don't make sure i can get csc scholarship or not?
I hope you can help me check. Thanks

there is no final list announced. they are still in process.


Harbin Engineering University Final List


What happen for those who received congratulation Emil at July but since that time till now they didn't receive anything more Neither admission notice Nor documents  :-X :'(  feelings worry

if some one haven't received an email that means he/she might not selected in final list.

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