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What you're able to get is called recommendation letter (like your local two letters, but from remote supervisor in the university you're applying to). NWU posted long list of supervisors to be contacted regarding shortlisting.

You are right, a well written recommendation letters are important, the letter from the remote supervisor is called acceptance letter, you may obtain it from the supervisor, there are some tips to obtain, because a single supervisor receive many emails from many students across related with same field.

Pre-admission letter is different. I've been told at NWU that it's not for me. It's for CSC. I've been told that I'm in the shortlist, but I haven't seen scans of this letter since it's not for me. University can put your name in the list depending on their specific rules. They can talk with you to estimate your skills or do something else.

But pre-admission letter is not the final result. CSC is the one to make the final decision.

Some Universities provide pre-admission letter for your confirmation, that means you have almost 90% of chances to get enrolled in the university. this letter normally needed to get admission when you are applying through embassy in your country. you can request a pre-admission letter from your school, then school send your request to ISO (Admission Office). but it is optional, it is not recommended.

I want to.

This time i will help each and everyone from the first step to the last step as i have a knowledge about application. I hope you will get success .

    I will help you to write recommendation letter.
    I will help you to write Study Plan.
    I will help you to get acceptance letter from the professor.
    I will help you to fill online application form.

and any kind of help you need regarding admission...

Proper application and complete documents is the key to success, some time we just send the documents but we don't know how to arrange, how to send, how to sequence the documents.

Please don't hesitate to ask any question regarding CSC Scholarship and don't shy to answer anyone's question if you know the answer or have some knowledge.

Not me! Do you know someone who got the email? @mechanic Still waiting...  is the list already out ?  :-\

I did not get acceptance or rejection email from shandong. I'm confused 😀

Question: The following program fragment

int i = 107, x = 5;
printf((x > 7)? "%f" : "%c" , i);

Results in?

Options are:

A. an execution error
B. a syntax error
C. Printing of k
D. None of the above

Correct answer is:

C. printing of K

ihope  u  are  fine. i am  ahsan qureshi from pakistan .i have  completed my  MSC in electronics  with  securing  76% marks.  Now  i  want  to  get  scholarship for  MS program  in  electornics or  Embeded  system.  kindly  send  me  list  for  universities  offering  scholarship in  this  field.  My  major  subjects  are  networking  and  communication,  control  system, industrial electronics , power  electronics , solid state , signal processing , EMT. kindly help out.

You have completed MSc 16 year education?

Computer and I.T / OTP stands for?
« on: September 05, 2017, 09:54:22 PM »
OTP stands for One Time Password.

this otp is normally used in online shopping.

Dear Mechanic,

is there any CSC universities for winter session enrollment?
and can you please give me your personal email?

No there is no any winter session, you can start to apply from December.

you can email me at: [email protected] but i can reply more faster here.

i want to show you my documents for suggestions, because i have to get scholarship in next term mandatory.

Welcome to share, i will review it for you.

Dear Mechanic,

is there any CSC universities for winter session enrollment?
and can you please give me your personal email?

No there is no any winter session, you can start to apply from December.

you can email me at: [email protected] but i can reply more faster here.

dear admin can you tell me how to take pre-admission letter from the university while applying for CSC scholarship

you can start this process in December.

Dear mechanics

i have 2 recommendation letters from my previous professors and have all degrees and certificates attested from HEC and MOFA. have 4 yours of post study experience and also have a study plan more then 800 words.

anything else required to apply for CSC?

These are ok, Recommendation letters must be well written and you also need Medical Certificate (Medical Examination form)

Anyone got any email from Shandong?

Pls any update on Harbin medical university csc results..

its difficult to approach medical universities, but i will try to find someone today, will update you tonight or tomorrow.

Dear mechanics and Engrz team

i appreciate your hard work for us.
i want to apply for master in software or hardware Engineering or Network Engineering next year.
will you please recommend me some good universities for these courses and also from where i get recommendation letters easily.


Thank you for your appreciation, we are always here to help you.

There are many universities for this field, almost every university have software Engineering or network Engineering, you can try

1. Xi'an Jiaotong University
2. Xidian University
3. Northwestern Polytechnical University
4. Shanghai Jiaotong University
5. Beijing Jiaotong University
6. Southeast University
7. Dalian University
8. Nanjing University

and more...............

The above said Universities are top level universities which have high ranking. Number 2 and 3 have some low ranking as compared to others.

You need recommendation letters from your previous professors who know you, such as you need recommendation letters from the professors or associate professors of your bachelors university because you are applying for Masters.

You need to write a good study plan to study in China, this must be more than or equal to 800 words.

For Sample Recommendation, Acceptance letter and Study Plan Click Here

Let me know if you need any further assistance

Hello, Mechanic and everyone please is there any news about Wuhan University of Technology? my major is Vehicle Operation Engineering. thanks

Ohhh still waiting for Wuhan,, i guess no update from this university.

so everybody knows their results right now?
I am accepted to NCEPU finally. Is there anyone else from this university?
you can add me in wechat "maksimivy"
@Nataliia Ped -- any results?

Congratulations, best wished for your future

Mechanical Engineering / Re: How to best analyze heat transfer?
« on: September 04, 2017, 07:20:35 PM »
Hi everyone,

I just started my very first semester of uni and we already have a project I don't know how to do. We are supposed to conduct a simple thermal analysis of aluminium but I don't know how! There are so many tools in this lab: dilatometer, thermigravimeters, thin film analysers etc... They're all from linseis and I tried to read up on each tool on their website but I'm still not sure which tool is the best choice for my project.

Can someone please help me?

by what way you want to transfer heat? i mean there are three forms of heat transfer. and can you please explain more about your project?

Sorry, I forgot to reply bc I figured it out on my own I wanted to transfer heat via physical contact.

so means your problem is now solved?

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