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[/size]Please who has applied for Tourism Management (masters) in any school and has gotten it. I also want to know if the schools under CSC are 279? If its true how man have released their list of successful applicant.

i dont know any one who has applied in tourism management.

Is there any information on Dalian University of Technology CSC result?

Not yet

Hello. I have applied for Ph.D in Wuhan University and Central China Normal University. Please, any waiting list to check for me. Thanks.

Yesterday Mechanic shared a Name list of Wuhan University.

Hello!  Any CSC result for Dalian University of Technology?

what is your major? you applied for masters or Ph.D?

Please, does anyone have news about when Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) gonna release final list? I Applied for a Doctoral degree..

Do you have acceptance letter from HIT?

what is your major?

@ mehanic noooooooooo how come i havn't i m so depressed right now

is there anything you want to know from NUAA? why are you depressed?


Waiting for xidian university results.

No one knows about Xidian University Result, even mechanic visited the school but no any confirm date.

is there any results available for following universities:
North China Electric Power University (most important!!)
any maybe
Shanghai University of International Business and Economics
Wuhan University of Technology
Communication University of China
thanks everyone in advance

These universities are expected in comming week.

Wuhan University of Technology and Shanghai University

Hello everyone.....

If someone know the final lists for CSC : Ningbo University and Wuhan University of Technology, kindly share a link))


yesterday Wuhan University announced the result, now waiting for Wuhan University of Technology

Hello! Do you have a result for UIBE Belt and Road program? If yes, please share! Thank you!

No friend, no result from UIBE

Mechanic bhai ..yr hamain email he nhi aii k kis type ka scholarship win kia... or bagit adders confrm key documents send kr rahy kia... yr winner email k bawjood lagta jasy w8ing list min dall dia hy...

Mechanic is going to visit International school of XJTU and will update you.

List of CSC 2017 Check your emails if any one is applied in China University of Mining and Technology xuzhou Jiangsu.

ap ko ksy pata? wasy mera web status enterd to school and csc in progress a raha

Mechanic is student at XJTU.

My status still showed 'Submitted' last I checked and I read that many people's are 'In process'. What does it mean? And I haven't received any emails from the CSC nor the universities. Does it mean I'm not getting the CGS for sure?

it means you are not under review, you may get university scholarship in any university or you may try for next year.

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