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Question: We use SMS interception for system signalling. Is there a mechanism for an app to respond and stop the signaling chain? Is there security around that so that one vendor can’t hijack a message and respond to it?

Answer: There’s a mechanism where an application can register to receive a message with a certain signature and prevent others from getting it. We have a system of permissions apps are able to declare, enforce, and require to perform certain operations. Things like dial the phone, get to contacts, etc.. But these aren’t things that are baked in the core of the system. An arbitrary app could declare custom permissions.

As far as restricting another app, the model we’ve been going by… the phone is not controlled by the application vendor, it’s controlled by the user. Whether or not the permissions are granted is up to the user that owns the phone. If you created a protocol that intercepts an SMS and another party wrote an app that intercepts the same SMS and the user wants to use that, the user could be free to stick that in.
Question: If I’m a game developer and I’m building piece of content and I want to sell it, how do I do that and realize revenue?

Answer: Content distribution — we’ve thought of that. It’d be great if there were a place where people could go to safely download and pay for content.
Question: What if my app uses location API, and service provider shuts that off, can they?

Answer: They can do that… it’s not a perfect world. Rather than having us dictate what carriers and OEMs support, we let developers develop killer apps that will require it.

We want to ensure all the application development that goes on for Android… we want to give OEMs an incentive to keep things open. It’s a positive, self fulfilling vision.
Question: Should we jump in to Android? What’s the guarantee that’s what I will see on a phone? Will service providers turn off things?

Answer: Keep in mind it hasn’t shipped yet, this is the most interesting time. Once it is open source, it could be locked down… they could create a derivative work.

We’re going to provide a piece of technology that tests the APIs. No time frame yet. The script will exercise the system. It’s a compatibility test suite, to make sure nothing got disabled or broken by accident, and also ensure that apps will work across OEMs.
Computer and I.T / How do I turn off, or reboot Android?
« Last post by mechanic on April 21, 2018, 06:57:18 PM »
Question: How do I turn off, or reboot Android?

Answer: In earlier releases, you had to pull the battery or press the reset button, in newer releases, you can hold down the 'end call' button and see a menu.
Computer and I.T / When will Android be available in a ROM?
« Last post by mechanic on April 21, 2018, 06:55:45 PM »
Question: When will Android be available in a ROM?

Answer: No time soon. Folks are working on it, but you'll need a lot of patience before it (if ever) arrives
Computer and I.T / Are the Android releases available in a ROM?
« Last post by mechanic on April 21, 2018, 06:54:08 PM »
Question: Are the Android releases available in a ROM?

Answer: No, Android is not yet available in a ROM format.Currently Android is installed by using a clean SD Card, and booted from there.It is booted by running a special application called 'Haret.exe' residing on your SD Card which will terminate the Windows kernel and boot into Linux/Android.It can't easily be run from ROM because
a). It's too experimental to risk putting in ROM and then killing a device and
b). WinMo does some hardware initialization that isn't documented, but is needed before Android can run.
Hello Who is waiting for results this year?
I am waiting.

Two universities Xi'an Jiaotong University and Shanghai Jiaotong University conducted online video interview, Dalian University of Technology asked medical reports.

Did you applied in these universities?

Who is waiting for results this year?

I am waiting.

Who is waiting for results this year?
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