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Hello Guys,

Please I need answers for the following questions

1. Why do some CGS nominated applicants of the same university  receive confirmation emails before others?

2. Why will a nominee on CGS waiting list receive confirmation email before a nominee on the main list?

3. What will be the reason for CSC to reject a CGS nominee of a particular university?  Is that even possible?

4. What is maximum duration for a university to post all scholarship applicants documents? Will every nominee receive the confirmation email?

Thank you.


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1. you are sending documents to the International School of the university and they send to your concerned department for the supervisor approval and admission in the concerned school. so some schools reply faster then others. that is why some get earlier emails.

2. To be honest, don't know the exact answer but selected students are informed by email so that that can reject any offer from the other university. waiting list students are also informed that they are in waiting list so that they can accept or reject the other university as you know every candidate can apply in 3 universities.

3. the only possibility of rejection is either the candidate is already selected in any other university or he/she already avail the csc in the current year. such as he finished his masters in July 2019 on csc and he already applied for PhD in the September section of 2019. so now csc need one year gap.

4. usually university post all the documents until mid of august. yes ever nominee (selected student) receive confirmation email from the university.

I apologize if i'm wrong in any point, i encourage you to please correct me if you find any error.

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Hi Tanya,

Thanks a lot for the swift response. For the first question I asked, is not before nomination but rather after the school has received final results from CSC and sends congratulation emails successful applicants.

Why do some applicants receive their confirmation emails earlier than others?

Thanks for the answers to the other three questions, I’m very Ok with them.